Honeymoon & Romance

Those first few days as husband and wife can be magical – or mediocre. The key is planning ahead, and budgeting as much for the romantic adventure of a real honeymoon as for other nuptial essentials.

More and more couples are recognizing that the honeymoon should have as much creative investment as the wedding. Many couples feel it actually sets the tone for their future: intimate, harmonious, full of devotion, sharing special time together.

It may be difficult to imagine that your honeymoon may be what you remember the most in the middle of deciding what your invitations should look like and what sauce should be on your chicken. Right now you’re caught up in the excitement of your engagement and wedding plans. However, almost without exception, couples who reflect on their wedding and honeymoon experience would place their honeymoon on a much higher priority list if they had to do it all over again.

The honeymoon is the one experience that is just for you, the wedding couple. This will be your first time together as husband and wife. Make this experience one that you’ll remember throughout your life together.

Given below are some of the best honeymoon hotels in sri lanka.

Honeymoon Locations