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The certified trainers at OSMO Fitness understand that it takes extraordinary amount of energy and time to plan the big wedding day while balancing it off with life’s other unending obligations and demands. So to make this easier on the groom and bride-to-be, OSMO is revolutionizing this space with a fitness program for the couple to prepare for the big day. After all there’s no point in having a beautiful wedding if you don’t look or feel beautiful yourself.

What makes this program suitable for me?

❖ This program at OSMO is individualized and customized through nutritional menus and fitness workouts that are truly designed for each groom and bride. We don’t go by the ‘one size fits all’ theory, instead we factor in the constraints, goals, body type, daily schedules to craft a pragmatic result-oriented program that will get you in shape before your wedding day.
❖ Our trainers also provide individual attention you need to assist you in staying motivated and reaching your goal.

Am I eligible?

❖ If you are a busy person constantly on the go, if you have six months before your big day and want to look ridiculously fabulous without going under the knife and wasting too much time, then yes you are eligible.

We have a hard time hitting the gym, how can we be sure that we will stick to this program?

❖ Because it’s personalized. The moment you enroll yourself, both of you will be assigned a qualified personalized trainer who will ensure that you stick to the program to the end. OSMO is also open from 5am to 10 pm daily, 365 days. We don’t take breaks!

Why do you have a special fitness program for grooms and brides to be?

❖ There couldn’t be a better opportunity for you to get in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle than something as grueling as wedding planning. We all know that you want to look great and feel fabulous on your big day. At the same time there’s no point in all the glamour, setting and style if you feel plum.

How many hours are the training sessions?

❖ 90 minutes maximum that is 1 1/2 hours.

How many days do we have to train for?

❖ For about 4-5 days in a week for optimal results.

What are the additional benefits we get with this fitness wedding package?

❖ You get 12 sessions of steam and sauna which is good for mind relaxation and a whole body detox.

What makes this fitness routine fun and not feel like just another day at the gym?

❖ Apart from the existing services,you can also join the Zumba sessions which are a fun workout to burn fat easily and tones your body.

What is the normal routine for this package?

❖ Our routine will consist of cardio, AB Kill, Strength and weight training, circuit training, Steam & Sauna and a nutrition program.

What do you mean by nutrition program?

❖ We have an in-house dietitian and a nutritionist who will give you a personalized meal/diet plan which is good to either gain weight or lose weight and also for body strength and development.

Tell me something else which makes this program unique?

❖ Thanks to the state-of-the-art tracking mechanism, backed by our unique ‘Miracle Body Device’ we are capable of tracking the progress of each individual and record every commitment you make to fit into our defined schedule, so you can’t go wrong or cheat. Therefore, subject to the adherence to our defined schedules, time tables and meal plans, we are ready to offer money back guarantee for our service.

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  • (+94) 112 177 477

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