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Madushan Udayanaga Bandarigoda

According to my opinion every photograph has its own behind the story, those who are in the photograph they are the ones who truly value it. so i know their feeling and i am working on it, Studio Fantasy is always working on it.

We always focus our lenses to capture the fresh and mind blowing frames....

We are highly Experienced, Qualified, Professional Photographers in Sri Lanka. Studio Fantasy does all kinds of photography such as Wedding, Pre Shoots, Commercial, Advertising, Model, Art Photography in Sri Lanka and worldwide.

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  • Home Address
  • 81/127, Meegoda Estate,
  • Artigala Road, Meegoda,
  • Sri Lanka.
  • Studio Address
  • 224, Horana Road,
  • Kiriwaththuduwa,
  • Sri Lanka.


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