A “Wedding” is an important event organized to celebrate the marriage of a man and a woman to begin a new family; the most important unit of a society.

Therefore, a marriage is a social binding that is strengthened by the legal, cultural and the religious systems from the times immemorial.

Incidentally, a marriage also forms a new link between the two families to raise their next generations. Therefore we believe that these facts contribute for a marriage being a ceremonial event – wedding.

The traditions followed at a wedding is mainly influenced by the religion.

All religious activities of a wedding focus on invoking blessings on the bridal couple by both their families and the loved ones.

A wedding consists of a compulsory legal element, imposed by the legal system of a society, and two optional elements; religious and social.

However it is these two optional elements, which usually go hand in hand, to contribute to the ceremonial effect of any wedding.

The social element of a wedding is that the ceremony happens to be the formal event of introducing the friends and the relatives of the two families to each other

Buddhist Weddings

Buddhist weddings are influenced by the Hindu culture which gives prominence to ‘Nekath’, the auspicious times.
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Hindu Weddings

The Hindu marriage symbolizes the physical and especially the spiritual union of man and woman.
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Church Weddings

There is no uniform set of rules for Catholic marriage preparation; Church encourages the couple to personalize the ceremony, within constraints.
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Muslim Weddings

After signing the Islamic marriage contract by the couple, families hold a wedding party called ‘Walima’. There are cultural variations can be seen in Muslim weddings by place to place.

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