Anusha’s Bridal Gallery

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Master Artists“I take pleasure in what I do is an understatement. I live for it. I see the skin as a canvas, you as a muse and the result a work of art. I believe making the world beautiful is the purpose of my existence.”

Anusha has been making her name by her dedication to creating a new template that incorporates modern trends for traditional needs, while discarding the cliché styles.

Natural is the key word when it comes to anusha’s artistry. Her forte lies in being able to bring out the natural features of every bride, with her signature sweep of deeper eye definition and intricate detailing of the hair – the results always looking elegant, always flawless.

At merely thirty-five, her remarkable talent and expertise has propelled “anusha” into the beauty stratosphere and made her one of the most sought-after make-up stars of both the bridal and fashion spheres. Armed with a make-up kit filled with brand name cosmetics specially formulated for Asian skin tones, she is a familiar face on fashion shoots. Career highlights include Cover shoots for popular magazines and Official Make-up artist for Miss Chennai.

To book a consultation with Anusha call 0777 – 483311.

Head Office
(Bridel Gallery)
No 21/2, Alexandra Road,
Colombo 06, Sri Lanka.
Branch – (Salon)
No 40A, Galle Road, Wellawatta,
Colombo 06, Sri Lanka.
Tel: +94 112 505 883

Email : [email protected]
Web :
Hotline: +94 777 483 311Facebook

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