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Make your wedding elegant without breaking a Bank

Determining your budget based on what you could afford on your wedding expenses is one of the important factors that affects your new life together. Many couples forget the fact that the wedding is only the beginning of a new life that involves further investments and financial obligations.
Try to answer the following simple questions yourselves and you will realize that you have automatically planned your

What funds are available at your disposal as wedding expenses?

“Remember that you both need to live after the wedding”

What expenses will your wedding consist of?

(Jewellery, Attire, Music, Videography… etc.)

What priority will you assign to them? Mark C, D or E against each item

“C – Cosmetic, D – Desirable and E – Essential Requirement”

What are the estimated costs of each item that you listed in ‘3’?

To do this you may need to call quotations from the respective suppliers of each item of your listed expenses. It is a good idea to request quotation from more than one supplier to identify the going ranges of rates.

What is the total estimate? Can U afford it?

The Most common answer is

Now…! Let’s try to cut the coat according to the cloth.

Re-visit your wish list and ask yourself these questions against each item?

Can You

  • Identify more items in the list that can be marked with ‘C’ (Cosmetic Requirement)
  • Find more cost effective means of meeting those items marked with ‘E’? Consider less expensive supplier within your standards, Discount Schemes, Gift vouchers etc.
  • Remove all cosmetic requirements…? (Items which you have marked with ‘C’-) If you cannot, then it is no longer a ‘C’ category item.
  • Can you also.. reduce the numbers/quantities involved…?
  • Not every guest need to be invited for both receptions – wedding and home coming.

  • Size of the wedding group :

    Reconsider the number of bride’s maids, best men, flower girls, page boys etc..

    Can U afford it now?

    May be now U can afford to include some of your ‘C’ category items….!

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